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Please understand we only repair products purchased from Qudent.

When a unit needs repairing, we at Qudent want to help the customer get the unit back into working condition.

Our customers can send the unit to us and our Engineers will identify the problem, provide a quote for repair and then if the quote is accepted, they will repair the unit. The unit is then sent back to the customer at no extra cost.

If you need our repair service, please contact us on 01903 211737.

If we have advised you that the unit can be looked at by our Engineers, we will request that you send the unit to:

Derotor House,
6 Farncombe Road,
West Sussex,
BN11 2BE

When the unit back to us, please include the following:

• The complete unit including any accessories and all power cables.

• A note included, denoting where the unit was sent from and what the problem with the unit is thought to be.

Failure to include these may result in delay of the repair.

After we have received the unit, we will confirm with you that it has been received. Our Engineers will inspect the unit and either quote for the repair or we will tell you that the unit is unable to be repaired and ask how you wish to proceed.

If the quote is agreed, our Engineers will repair the item and then we will return the repaired unit back to you via courier.

If you are an existing customer, your account will be invoiced with the appropriate amount. However, if you are a new customer, we will require payment for the quote before proceeding with the repair.

Please be aware that the above may take up to 2 weeks to complete the repair.

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