Aribex Nomad Pro 2 Hand Held X-Ray

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The Nomad Pro 2 is a hand held X-ray which is practical, simple and very versatile. Perfect for use with children, sedated and special needs patients. Multiple third-party studies have proven- Nomad is as safe as conventional systems.
Note: This price includes a HPE Critical test pack. This is supplied at the same time as the X-ray unit.
  • Rechargeable: One charge produces hundreds of X-rays
  • Practical: Handheld design allows operator to stay with the patient
  • Simple: Easy to use, no bulky arms, backing plates for walls, special cabinets or costly electrical hookups

• Weight: 2.5kg

• Dimensions: W6.25" L10.75" H10"

• Battery: Lithium Polymer, 22.2v, 1.25 Ahr

• Anode Voltage: 60kV true DC

• Anode Current: 2.5 mA

• Exposure Time Range: 0.02 - 1.00s

• Focal Spot: 0.4mm

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