NSK Ti-Max Z25L 1:1 Direct Drive Contra Angle

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With the NSK Ti-Max Z series contra angles, NSK have dramatically improved visibilty and accessability by minimising the head size, resulting in outstanding ergonomics and vanoeuvrability.
The handpieces are incredibly durable - the gears are coated in special diamond like carbon to make wear resistance up to 5 times greater than previous models.
This handpiece comes with a 36 month warranty as standard.
  • RPM 40,000
  • Optic
  • Single water spray
  • 1:1 Direct drive gear ratio
  • Smaller head and smaller diameter 
  • Slimmer neck for greater visibility
  • Amazing silence and minimal vibration
  • Advanced assembly precision
  • Titanium body
  • NSK DURAGRIP body coating
  • Anti heat system
  • Cellular glass optics
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Push button chuck
  • Microfilter
  • Head size: H13.7 x Ø8.9 
  • 36 Month Warranty

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