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TKD Midwest to Borden Adaptor
TKD Definitive Compact LED MicromotorTKD Definitive Compact LED Micromotor
TKD Gyroflex LED Coupling with water adjustment (Kavo Comp)
TKD Duo Pad Control Panel for Definitive MotorTKD Duo Pad Control Panel for Definitive Motor
Kavo Multiflex LED Converter Kit
TKD Vortice (Gyroflex Coupling)TKD Vortice (Gyroflex Coupling)
TKD Vortice (4 hole Midwest coupling)TKD Vortice (4 hole Midwest coupling)
TKD Definitive LED KitTKD Definitive LED Kit
TKD Definitive LED Kit
£745.45 ex. VAT
TKD Definitive Kit - Without LightTKD Definitive Kit - Without Light
TKD Scaler Tip 8 - Endo
TKD Scaler Tip 4 - Spatula
TKD Scaler Tip 2 - Extra Fine
TKD Gyroflex LED Coupling
TKD Gyroflex LED Coupling
£159.80 ex. VAT
TKD Gyroflex L Coupling
TKD Gyroflex L Coupling
£142.80 ex. VAT
TKD Gyroflex CouplingTKD Gyroflex Coupling
TKD Gyroflex Coupling
£110 ex. VAT
TKD Scaler Tip 1 - Universal
TKD Airson Scaler
TKD Airson Scaler
£471.75 ex. VAT
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