Belmont Eurus S1 Continental Rod Type

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Belmont Eurus S1 Continental Rod Type

Belmont large equipment can only be fitted by a Qudent engineer or an Approved Belmont Engineer. If out of our area, we will need the details of the engineer fitting the equipment.

Improving flexibility

Opting for the Continental Rod Type makes it possible to pick up a handpiece and start treating the patient straightaway without the need for repositioning. The roller guide supports the weight of the hose and offers a smooth rolling motion. There’s also no need to look for and guide the handpiece back to the holder. All of which means that there’s less strain on the dentist.

Continental delivery system

With rods and hose of 900 mm in length, the delivery system makes it easy for the dental staff to treat patients from the 8 o’clock direction. The hoses are light and flexible so that they reduce the burden on the wrists of dental staff administering treatment over many hours.

Long reach

The long reach allows you to treat patients easily from the chest position as well as from the chair’s side position, thereby making it adaptable to various treatment styles.

Flexible holder

The guide roller at the end of the rod can swivel in multiple directions. This reduces friction and wear on the hose, and means you can deliver treatment more comfortably, wherever you are positioned.

Tension adjustment

Tension can be adjusted to change the weight of each handpiece, thereby reducing hand strain, even when the hose is fully extended. Flexible positioning Tension adjustment

Thoughtful details
Everything is designed to assist with faster, easier and more thorough cleaning. Hygiene inside the dental unit is maintained by waterline flushing to assist with patient-friendly treatment. As an environmentally friendly option, the unit can be supplied with an Amalgam Separator, which helps minimise everyday maintenance.


Autoclavable holder & handles
The dentist and assistant instrument holders can be detached and autoclaved for cleaning. The operating light handles are supplied in sets of three, ensuring there is no delay between patients. In addition, the surface mat is removable.

Cuspidor access
The sliding cuspidor cover facilitates easy filter access for daily maintenance.


Rod holder
The roller assembly of the rods on the Eurus S1 Continental Rod Type can be easily dismantled for better hygiene control.

Removable bowl
The ceramic bowl can easily be detached for cleaning.

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