Belmont Eurus S1 Holder Type

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Belmont Eurus S1 Holder Type

Belmont large equipment can only be fitted by a Qudent engineer or an Approved Belmont Engineer. If out of our area, we will need the details of the engineer fitting the equipment.

Comprising the Eurus S1 Holder Type, the Eurus S1 Continental Rod Type, and the Eurus Swivel Chair, each combines style with practicality. Innovative design features include a powerful, intuitive touch-screen, integrated chair foot controls and flexible lighting, all designed to maximise control, convenience and hygiene.

Over patient arm

The table’s vertical range of motion is 525 to 1,505 mm for the contour type chair, giving you all the flexibility you need. The table is held by a counter balance arm, which needs very little effort to move and is locked in position by a pneumatic brake.

Robust construction

The maximum weight capacity has now been increased to 200kg.


Handle facilitates touch-panel operation

The handle is designed for an easy grab-and move motion. It also offers a convenient resting position for the hand to reduce stress and ensure accurate touch-panel operation.

Independent adjustable holder

The handpiece holder is independent from the table and can be freely adjusted across three axes to ensure complete comfort.

The interface has been designed to improve efficiency and reduce stress during treatment. When a handpiece is chosen and picked up, the screen displays only necessary information, helping you to concentrate on the treatment.

The touch-screen has been designed in such a way that you no longer need to refer to a chart in order to calculate torque. The micro motor, turbine and scaler each have their own screen, with operating levels clearly displayed. You can store different settings as well, and choose RPM, torque and rotational direction with one touch of the screen.

From the handpiece setting screen, you can choose treatment modes (periodontal, endodontics and scaling) with a single touch of the screen.


Assistant holder
The wide tray of the assistant holder both extends and rotates. It’s designed so that the assistant has enough workspace, and includes
space for a tissue box or small extra tray. There’s also a touchpad for intuitive control, and the assistant can operate the chair, light,
cup filler and bowl flush.


Safety switch system
The safety switch detects if there’s an overload on the assistant arm and prevents interference with objects, such as stools, ensuring a high
level of safety.


Optional outlets
The assistant holder can accommodate between two and four handpiece outlets – for example to accommodate a curing light, syringe or second HVE. Simply choose what works the best for you and select your preference when purchasing your chair.

The compactly designed Eurus S1 can be installed in a space as narrow as 1.8 metres wide. This allows for unrestricted use, even when both dentist and assistant are working together.


Flexible over-patient arm
The over-patient arm has been designed for treatment in both standing and sitting positions. The dentist or assistant can efficiently administer treatment with plenty of freedom of movement.

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