Belmont tbCompass Flexible System

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£17,080 ex. VAT (£20,496 inc. VAT)


tbCompass 'Flexible System'

Belmont large equipment can only be fitted by a Qudent engineer or an Approved Belmont Engineer. If out of our area, we will need the details of the engineer fitting the equipment.

Unrivalled console mobility and tbCompass's determined versatility bring all the benefits of convenience, flexibility, efficiency and Patient comfort. Ambidextrous capability across the range doubles the qualification of tbCompass in any configuration to perform excellent service for any Operator and procedure.

Upholstery options:

  • Luxury upholstery in Ultrasoft or Ultrasoft Pro colour ranges
  • Seamless upholstery in Ultrasoft or Ultrasoft Pro colour ranges
  • Seamless upholstery in Standard colour fabric

Flexible delivery options:

  • Clesta II ‘M’ (‘A’ or ‘E’) Module
  • Clesta II ‘MC’ (‘A’ or ‘E’) Mobile cart
  • Voyager II ‘M’ Module
  • Voyager II ‘MC’ Mobile cart

Operating light package options:

  • 920LR LED chair-mounted
  • 301U LED post-mounted
  • 720SLR chair-mounted

Treatment centre packages:

  • tbCompass ‘Surgery System’
  • tbCompass ‘Flexible System’
  • tbCompass ‘Flexible Dr System’
  • tbCompass ‘Vac-Pac System’

    Chair key features:

    • Twin-articulating headrest
    • Chair preset positions
    • Rotating armrests (both sides)
    • 8-way foot control

    Cuspidor key features:

    • Ambidextrous, 90º rotatable
    • Easily-detached porcelain cuspidor bowl with 180º rotation
    • Assistant’s console
    • Assistant 3-way autoclavable syringe
    • Easily-detached HV and ejector tubings
    • Automatic bowl-flush and cup-filler
    • Chair preset controls
    • Minimum seat height: 520mm
    • Maximum seat height: 820mm
    • Maximum Patient weight: 200kg
    • 5 years limited warranty

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