Airdog Air Purifiers X Series

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Size: X5
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Airdog Air Purifiers X Series

  • Model X5: Ideal for Medium size premises
  • Model X8: Ideal for Large size premises

  • Pre-Filtration element
    The air flows from the bottom into the filter, eliminating larger particulate particles.

    Electric field

    Generates a high-voltage electric field that kills viruses and bacteria that may enter in our lungs

    Ion field

    All particles, organic and inorganic, are electrically charged with a positive charge.

    Plate Collector

    The positively charged particles in the ion field are naturally attracted and captured by the collector plates which are instead negatively charged at high voltage.

    ACTIVECARBON element

    The last step in the purification process: it removes unpleasant odors and keeps your air fresh and pure.

    Model X5

    • Treated air volume: 310 m 3/ora
    • Engine consumption: 55 W
    • Size: 65 x 31,6 x 30,6 cm
    • Weight: 10,7 kg

    Model X8

    • Treated air volume: 800 m 3/ora
    • Engine consumption: 110W
    • Size: 76 x 38 x 38 cm
    • Weight: 19,7kg

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