G.COMM Iris View Dental Light With Full HD Videocamera

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G.COMM Iris View Dental Light With Full HD Videocamera | QUDENT

Iris View, Operating light with an integrated video camera a tool that enhances your daily work, putting your needs at the centre.

Iris view is a LED dental light with an integrated camera that allows you to enlarge and see the operating area clearly, film and record the operation, have the right light intensity and colour temperature for every single treatment and set the functions from the G.COMM APS.

Iris View is designed for use in surgical environments. Durable materials and design help prevent bacterial growth

  • The front protection is easy to disinfect and protects the light sources from external agents
  • The handle covers are autoclavable
  • The on/off sensor (optional) prevents cross-contamination
  • Aluminium structure guarantees deep sanitation over time

Mounting options:

  • Unit/wall mount: flow motion arm
  • Ceiling mount: flow motion arm
  • Full-HD integrated video camera 
  • 30x optical zoom 
  • Adjustable light intensity 
  • Aaluminum 
  • Front protection 
  • 3 movements 3 pre-set + 1 customized programme 
  • Ergonomic posture


  • Supply Voltage: 12-24Vac 50-60Hz
  • Maximum Power Absorbed 50VA
  • Max Absorbed Current 3A
  • Illuminated Spot Dimension Approx. 70 x 140mm
  • Brightness Intensity (5 Adjustable Steps) From 8000 lux to 35000 lux
  • Colour Temperature (5 Adjustable Steps) From 4200K to 6000
  • Focal Length 70cm
  • CRI (Colour Rendering Index) >90%
  • Light Source 8 LEDs
  • Emission Spectrum 380 – 780 nm


  • Sensor: 1/2.8” CMOS
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080px (Full HD)
  • Zoom: 30x Optical Working Distance: From 35 cm to 80 cm Zoom Speed: From Wide to Full Zoom (With Autofocus) in 4.6s
  • Video Output: Y/Pb/Pr Signal, progressive or interfaced. Scan up to 1/60s. Frame out up ot 30fps
  • White Balance: Automatic from 3000k to 7500k
  • Brightness Balance: Automatic with Wide Dynamic Range Mode
  • Image Stabilizer: 90% Vibration Correction up to 10Hz

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