Modwood Cabinetry (Secondhand but two units are new)

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£4,610 ex. VAT (£5,532 inc. VAT)


Modwood Surgery Cabinets – Drawing No. MW/QD MW/QD122/20 Nevada Range of high quality dental cabinets incorporating laminate fronts. Doors and drawers are not soft close.

Designed to meet the following specification:

1 x M3R Sink unit, waste flap or kick bin with stainless steel round
bowl including tap
1 x M3S Sink unit, waste flap or kick bin with stainless steel square
bowl including tap
2 x M4 Amalgamator slide with cupboard under (new)
1 x M4A consisting of 1 top drawer, 1 amalgamator slide and two drawers below
2 x M5 consisting of 1 top drawer, 1 middle drawer and 3 drawers below
1 x M6S Suction cupboard for suction motor to be housed in
2 x M12 600mm wide flyover with top and back panel, two finished ends
1 x 500mm Wall cupboard (new)
1 x Wall unit end
3 x M14 Twin socket in upstand
4 x Cut outs

Colour:  Off White
Optional Worktop Choices:
Hanex top with stainless steel bowls

Note: All stainless steel and corian bowls come with no overflow to meet
the requirements set out on the HTM 01-05 Guidelines

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