Sylc Prophy Powder Blend 185g

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Sylc easily cleans and whitens patients' teeth in a short and simple procedure that returns enamel to its whiteness.
Available in two formulas, Sylc Original (100% Novamin) and Sylc Blend (50% Novamin).
Sylc has strong clinical benefits with increased patient comfort, as follows:

  • Sensitivity Relief
  • Cleaner, Whiter Teeth
  • Protect and Soothe
  • Quick Stain Removal

The two compositions determined by particle size, and are SR - stain removal, and P - Polishing (Prophy).

Capable of a wide variety of quick and easy applications:

  • Removing heavy extrinsic staining
  • Prophy cleaning procedures
  • Whitening by 3 to 4 Vita shades
  • Reducing hypersensitivity
  • Reducing sensitivity during bleaching
  • Cleaning around orthodontic brackets and treating erosion plus abrasion
  • Removing caries in a minimally invasive procedure
• Suitable for use with Aquacare, Acteon Air-N-Go, Deldent Jetpolisher, NSK Prophymate Neo, Kavo Prophyflex, EMS Airflow Handy 2+ (But only with Sylc Ceramic Tip) and BA Ultimate Air Polisher

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