Woodpecker PT Master 3 Scaler

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Woodpecker PT Master 3 Scaler

The Woodpecker PT Master 3 piezo scaler unit is for scaling, polishing and periodontal treatments.
The tips have a smaller vibration amplitude and work in a circular motion so the patient feels more comfortable.
Titanium scaling tips which are more flexible and comfortable for scaling, no injury to cementum and less potential damage to teeth and bone.

  • Circular working mode with a smaller amplitude feels more comfortable to the patient 
  • Smart waterproof touch screen 
  • LED handpiece 
  • Removable water bottle 
  • Replaceable LED light 
  • Clear control panel 
  • Ultra-sensitive 
  • Waterproof design 
  • Special design for periodontal treatment, convenient for clinical use
  • Includes: 2 handpieces, 10 tips (2xP50R, 2xP50L, 2xP56, 2xP52, 1xP53R, 1xP53L) , 2 torque wrenches, 2 sterilization boxes & carry case
  • Frequency: 28,000 Hz
  • Vibration Amplitude: 20~60um
  • Treatment Depth: 14mm
  • Tip Hardness: 30HRC

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