Woodpecker X-Cure

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Woodpecker X-Cure

The curing light from Woodpecker, the third generation LED with high power and wide spectrum. Four LEDs built in one light, achieving an optimal broadband spectrum of 385 to 515nm. OLED display screen.

  • The thicker guide is used for the back teeth, with the highest light intensity being 2500.
  • The slimmer guide is used for the front teeth, with the highest light intensity being 3000.

 The x-cure has three modes:

  • Check mode: To help clearly detect plaques, caries and for inspection
  • High mode (2300 - 2500mw/cm²): ideal for orthodontics, porcelain laminate veneer, inlay preparation and fibre post curing; rapidly solidify materials
  • Soft mode (1000-1200mw/cm²): intended to solidify large-areas of composite resin, while trying to avoid resin shrinkage.

    • Wavelength: 385nm - 515nm

    • Light intensity: 1000-3000mw/cm²

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