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Woodpecker U-600 Scaler Complete Kit Zoom

Woodpecker U-600 Scaler Complete Kit

SKU: WOO/U-600

RRP: £699.00

The latest Piezo scaler by Woodpecker, the U-600 focuses on patient comfort with its intelligent power output to minimize patient discomfort and increase efficiency.

The U-600 has 3 Settings, General Scaling, Endo and Perio Functions.For Ease of use, the smart touch interactive panel is waterproof and pressure sensitive.

Unit comes with independant water supply resoviour, however can also be used via external source.

The unit comes with 2 metal handpieces, 2 Autoclave boxes and 18 tips. 

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Brand Woodpecker
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    - Intelligent power output for patient comfort

    - Smart touch waterproof interactive panel for ease of use

    - Features General Scaling, Endo and Perio functions

    - Independant water supply from resoviour or via external source

    - Kit Includes: 2 metal handpieces, 2 boxes for autoclaving and 7 tips

    - Tips included: 1xG4 1xG12 1xP1 1xP3 1xP8 1xE62 1xE60



    - Kit Includes: 2 Handpieces, 2 boxes for autoclaving and 18 tips
    - Power supply: 220 - 240V 60Hz
    - Working frequency: 28kHz - 3kHz
    - Weight: 1.8kg
    - Dimensions: 278x182x137mm
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