Please understand we only repair products purchased from Qudent.

If you are in the unfortunate position where a unit purchased from us is not working correctly, and it falls within the warranty period, please contact us on 01903 211737 or email with details of the product (Serial number, Brand, Style) and the nature of the fault.

In some instances, as requested by the manufacturers, products may need to be returned to them. In this situation we will inform you where to send the product.

If we have advised you that the unit can be looked at by our Engineers, we will request that you send the unit to us.

The address to send the unit to is:
Deliveries, Warranty Repairs & Returns
Unit C, Sands Industrial Estate
Lane End Road
High Wycombe 
HP12 4HH


In this instance we will need the following from you to accurately ensure that the problem is fully resolved:

  • The complete unit including any accessories and all power cables.
  • A note included, denoting where the unit was sent from and what the problem with the unit is thought to be.

Our Engineers will assess the unit and we will keep you informed on what we are doing to rectify the problem.

If possible, the unit will be repaired by our expert Engineers and returned to the customer free of charge via courier. Repaired products receive an additional 6 months of warranty for that repair, other faults are not covered in this warranty.

Sometimes the unit will need to be fully replaced. In this circumstance, a new unit will be issued to the customer free of charge via courier. New units issued to customers will receive a new period of warranty.

If the unit is found to be faulty due to customer misuse or the repair does not fall

under warranty conditions, we will contact you and ask how you wish to proceed.