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Woodpecker UDS-E Ultrasonic ScalerWoodpecker UDS-E Ultrasonic Scaler
Woodpecker EMS Compatible Scaler HandpieceWoodpecker EMS Compatible Scaler Handpiece
Woodpecker Torque Wrench
Woodpecker Torque Wrench
£8.55 ex. VAT
Woodpecker UDS-L Scaler With Water Bottle
Woodpecker EMS LED Scaler HandpieceWoodpecker EMS LED Scaler Handpiece
DTE-Satelec G1-S Scaler TipDTE-Satelec G1-S Scaler Tip
DTE-Satelec G1-S Scaler Tip
£13.50 ex. VAT
Woodpecker UDS-E LED Ultrasonic ScalerWoodpecker UDS-E LED Ultrasonic Scaler
Woodpecker UDS-E Handpiece Holder Clip
Woodpecker EMS Endo Scaler Tip E3D Diamond CoatedWoodpecker EMS Endo Scaler Tip E3D Diamond Coated
DTE-Satelec Perio Tip PD3-SDTE-Satelec Perio Tip PD3-S
DTE-Satelec Perio Tip PD3-S
£15.30 ex. VAT
Woodpecker Tip Holder
Woodpecker Tip Holder
£8.55 ex. VAT
Woodpecker DTE Satelec Compatible Scaler Hose
DTE-Satelec Perio Tip PD1-SDTE-Satelec Perio Tip PD1-S
DTE-Satelec Perio Tip PD1-S
£15.30 ex. VAT
Woodpecker P90 Scaler Tip for Implant Cleaning
NSK Varios 2 Scaler Handpiece - Non Optic
Woodpecker U-600 Scaler Complete KitWoodpecker U-600 Scaler Complete Kit
DTE-Satelec Scaler Tip GD5-SDTE-Satelec Scaler Tip GD5-S
DTE-Satelec G3-S Scaler TipDTE-Satelec G3-S Scaler Tip
DTE-Satelec G3-S Scaler Tip
£13.50 ex. VAT
DTE-Satelec Endo Tip ED3D-S Diamond CoatedDTE-Satelec Endo Tip ED3D-S Diamond Coated
Woodpecker Mark 2 EMS Scaler TubingWoodpecker Mark 2 EMS Scaler Tubing
DTE-Satelec G4-S Scaler TipDTE-Satelec G4-S Scaler Tip
DTE-Satelec G4-S Scaler Tip
£13.50 ex. VAT

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