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Jetpolisher 2000Jetpolisher 2000
Deldent Jetpolisher 2000
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Miniblaster Clinical Mini SandblasterMiniblaster Clinical Mini Sandblaster
Dust-Inn 2000 Dust CollectorDust-Inn 2000 Dust Collector
Filters for Dust-inn 2000
Deldent Kavo Connector for Miniblaster
Deldent Sirona Connector for Miniblaster
Deldent W&H Connector for Miniblaster
Deldent Midwest Connector for Miniblaster
Quick Connector Kit for MiniblasterQuick Connector Kit for Miniblaster
Miniblaster Extension NozzleMiniblaster Extension Nozzle
Jetpolisher Spray Head Tubing (Pack of 50)Jetpolisher Spray Head Tubing (Pack of 50)
 Aluminium Oxide Powder 90 Micron 1kg
Aluminium Oxide Powder 50 Micron 1kg
Dust-Inn Replacement Dome with Handguards
Deldent Miniblaster powder bottle complete