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Woodpecker Woodpex 5 Apex LocatorWoodpecker Woodpex 5 Apex Locator
Woodpecker Endo Radar Plus CA161 Contra Angle 6:1
Woodpecker Endo Radar Pro
Denlux DP2000 Pulptester with Ground LeadDenlux DP2000 Pulptester with Ground Lead
Woodpecker Endo Radar CA001 Contra Angle 1:1
Woodpecker MotoPexWoodpecker MotoPex
Woodpecker MotoPex
£599.90 ex. VAT
Denlux B1000 PulptesterDenlux B1000 Pulptester
Denlux B1000 Pulptester
£180 £236.25
Woodpecker Motopex CA161 Contra Angle 6:1
NSK Endo-Mate DT with 20:1 HeadNSK Endo-Mate DT2 with 20:1 Head
NSK Endo-Mate TC2 Cordless Endodontic HandpieceNSK Endo-Mate TC2 Cordless Endodontic Handpiece
Woodpecker Brushless Endo Motor - Endo PaceWoodpecker Brushless Endo Motor - Endo Pace
Ai-Motor Endo Motor with T-ModeAi-Motor Endo Motor with T-Mode
Ai-Motor Endo Motor with T-Mode
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