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Faro MKII 17V 95W Bulb for EDI light
Faro EDI FanFaro EDI Fan
Faro EDI Fan
£37.05 ex. VAT
Faro EDI Glass Holder Left & Right
Faro EDI Thermal Cut OutFaro EDI Thermal Cut Out
Faro EDI Thermal Cut Out
£8.07 ex. VAT
Left and right glass handles for the Faro EDI
Front shield for the Faro EDI light
Faro EDI Front Shield
£42.75 ex. VAT
Faro Alya Screen
Faro Alya Screen
£109.25 ex. VAT
Faro EDI Arm Joint Reinforcement Kit
Faro EDI Bulb HolderFaro EDI Bulb Holder
Faro EDI Bulb Holder
£75.52 ex. VAT
Faro MK1 Bulb Philips Type 5974