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DCI Water Bottle
DCI Water Bottle
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Woodpecker EMS Compatible Scaler Handpiece (HW-3H)Woodpecker EMS Compatible Scaler Handpiece (HW-3H)
Woodpecker Light Guide For LEDB-LEDE Curing LightWoodpecker Light Guide For LEDB-LEDE Curing Light
Woodpecker EMS LED Scaler Handpiece (HW-5L)Woodpecker EMS LED Scaler Handpiece (HW-5L)
Woodpecker Woodpex 3-5 File Clip
Kavo Large Suction Tubing with End Connections
Aluminium Oxide Powder 50 Micron 1kg
Cattani Spittoon FunnelsCattani Spittoon Funnels
Woodpecker EMS Endo Scaler Tip E3D Diamond CoatedWoodpecker EMS Endo Scaler Tip E3D Diamond Coated
Kavo Spittoon Strainer
Kavo Spittoon Strainer
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Denlux Pulptester Battery (Pack of 2)
Woodpecker Woodpex 3-5 Measuring Wire - WhiteWoodpecker Woodpex 3-5 Measuring Wire - White
Cattani Large Suction Terminal 16mm (Grey)Cattani Large Suction Terminal 16mm (Grey)
Woodpecker Tip Holder
Woodpecker Tip Holder
£9.90 £14.90
Woodpecker UDS-E Handpiece Holder Clip
Kavo Manifold Filter
Woodpecker Woodpex 3-5 Liphook
DCI Repair Kit for Quick Clean Standard Syringe
Deldent W&H Connector for Miniblaster