Deldent Miniblaster Clinical Mini Sandblaster

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The Miniblaster™ is the worlds first fully autoclavable hand held clinical sandblaster, with index finger control valve, providing maximum ergonomic control for both right and left handed operators. The unique ratchet system simplifies directional nozzle rotation. An in-line pressure stopcock with built in quick disconnect and installation kit are included allowing simple installation to air supply. This unique product has been acclaimed worldwide for its no-nonsense ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently year after year.

Product includes:
- Miniblaster with abrasive reservoir
- Additional abrasive reservoir with abrasive sample
- Air supply line with in-line stop-cock
- Air supply "T" connections
- Instructions
Does not include quick connect kit, this is available as an extra depending on your Handpiece coupling
  • Fully autoclavable handpiece 
  • Index finger controlled operating valve 
  • For left or right hand operators 
  • Unique ratchet system to simplify nozzle rotation without the need to loosen or tighten locking collars 
  • In-line high pressure stopcock provided for ease of connection
  • Simple installation kit and sample of 50 micron abrasive grit are included
  • Air pressure: 60-100psi 
  • Weight: 0.075kg 
  • Installation: Can be self installed

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