Woodpecker U-600 Scaler Complete Kit

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Woodpecker U-600 Scaler Complete Kit | QUDENT

The latest Piezo scaler by Woodpecker, the U-600 focuses on patient comfort with its intelligent power output to minimize patient discomfort and increase efficiency.The U-600 has 3 Settings: General Scaling, Endo and Perio Functions. For ease of use, the smart touch interactive panel is waterproof and pressure-sensitive. The unit comes with an independent water supply reservoir, however, and can also be used via an external source.


  • Smart touch waterproof interactive panel for ease of use
  • Independent water supply from a reservoir or via an external source
  • Features: General Scaling, Endo and Perio functions
  • Power supply: 220
  • 240V 60Hz
  • Working frequency: 28kHz - 3kHz
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Dimensions: 278x182x137mm

Packaging includes the following:

  • Kit Includes: 1 Metal Handpieces and 7 tips
  • Tips included: 1xG4 1xG12 1xP1 1xP3 1xP8 1xE62 1xE60

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