Acteon Round Collimator Compatible with Acteon X-Mind AC/DC

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Acteon Round Collimator | QUDENT

The Acteon Round Collimator is a precision attachment designed for use with Acteon X-Mind AC/DC X-ray units. It acts like a tunnel, restricting the X-ray beam to a focused area, minimising unnecessary radiation exposure for both the patient and the dentist. This collimator allows for clear, targeted dental images while promoting safety during X-ray procedures.


  • Reduced radiation exposure: Limits X-ray scatter for enhanced safety for patients and dental professionals
  • Improved image quality: A focus beam ensures clear and detailed X-ray images for accurate diagnosis
  • Compatible with Acteon X-Mind AC/DC: Designed for seamless integration with specific Acteon x-ray units
  • Easy attachment: Simple installation for efficient workflow within your dental practice
  • Acteon long round cone 12" collimator for use on the X-Mind AC or DC

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