Midmark VetAssure S18 and S23S-Class Vacuum Autoclave Incl.Printer [Animal Health Compliant]

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Midmark VetAssure S18 and S23S-Class Vacuum Autoclave Incl.Printer [Animal Health Compliant] | QUDENT

S18 starting from £ 3187.10 + VAT
S23 starting from £ 3542.35 + VAT

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Our VetAssure sterilizers are designed specifically for the Veterinary Sector and incorporate leading technologies designed for high performance. It is Robust and reliable with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Vacuum Sterilizer is available in B and S Class and in sizes ranging from 18 to 60 liters. ‘VetAssure’ autoclaves are the perfect partner for instrument processing in all animal health environments.

Door Locking: Motor-operated door locking guarantees total safety, greater ease of handling, and reliable self-regulation of the door.

Built-in Printer: A standard accessory that during the sterilization process, an automatic print-out records the entire procedure, thereby providing a permanent record of every sterilization cycle. The paper printout can then be kept and attached to your files for a complete and accurate record.

USB Port: Automatic digital cycle recording on USB stick (optional).

Friendly Interface: A multilingual software with four buttons for simpler navigation to all sterilization options. The LCD shows current information about your sterilization cycles and alerts you on errors or service needs.

Easy to clean: All surfaces have a smooth finish and are suitable for cleaning with products already in practice. VetAssure range autoclaves do not require autoclave cleaning solutions and the internal chamber can be cleaned with just water.

S18 -

S23 - Veterinary (Small Animals) Long Instruments

QuikSteam™: Midmark exclusive QuikSteam™ patented technology ensures up to 20% accelerated cycle times, with lower energy consumption

Water Quality Sensor: Our sterilizers are additionally protected by the inclusion of a water quality sensor, as standard. The quality of the water is therefore constantly monitored. The display informs the user whether water used for sterilization is good.


OPTIONAL: Internal USB data logger

IN COMPLIANCE: EN 13060 and PED 2014/68/EU



18 liters made of thick one-piece moulded steel.

23 liters made of thick one-piece moulded steel.

Tray Dimensions:

4 Tray System as Standard

185W x 285D x 18H (mm)

4 Tray System as Standard

185W x 440D x 18H (mm)


18 L

23 L


52 Kg (without accessories)

58 Kg (without accessories)


505W x 615D x 400H (mm)

505W x 690D x 400H (mm)


All units come as standard with all ancillary accessories including the tray holder, trays, removal tool, cleaning sponge, and water connections. We also ensure a low cost of ownership by offering you remarkably affordable service, maintenance options and quality spare parts.

Type ‘S’ Class Cycles For S18 and S23:

  • Type S cycles are intended for types of loads specified by the manufacturer of the sterilizer. They have a forced air removal system
  • The effectiveness of the air removal stage determines the types of load they are designed to process. Some models have a drying stage, which will prolong the cycle time.

Additional cost:

  • Installation, warranty & liability £624.00 + Vat
    The installation will include basic user training, please allow 2 hrs for installation & training. The warranty is 2 years or 1500 cycles, whichever comes sooner. 

Additional Services available from Dentalex:

Services in which Dentalex offers:
Servicing, HTM01-05 Validations & PSSR2000 examinations, please see below for current charges:

  • Servicing (Annual or every 1000 cycles; whichever comes sooner)
    From £312.80 + Vat
  • Annual service and validation
    From £494.80 + Vat
  • PSSR2000 Examinations (alongside servicing)
    From £105.00 + Vat

The above services can be arranged through Qudent.

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