NSK Ti-MAX Z Turbines - Optic

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New high-performance turbine

2+1 FREE + further FREE Z micro (with ultra mini-head) valid until 31st August 2024


NSK Ti-MAX Optic air turbines are durable, powerful and maintain long-term comfort and stability. NSK's latest bearing design has doubled the life when compared to conventional turbine bearings. 

These turbines are coated with NSK's DURAGRIP coating for a scratch resistant, easy to hold finish for ease of use and durability.

  • Unrivalled power from up to 30-40w*
  • Lightweight titanium with DURAGRIP coating to reduce hand fatigue
  • New quick stop function to meet the demands of the additional power and to prevent suck back
  • 100° angled head for better access/visibility
  • Available in 5 coupling fittings, all optic (LED).
  • 3 year warranty

Ti-Max Z990L standard head: ø12.1 x 12.7mm

Z990L Standard head: ø12.1 x 12.7mm  30-40w*  

*at 3 to 4.2 bar pressure

Ti-Max Z micro head: ø9.0 x 10.8mm

  • Optic
  • Choice of NSK, W&H, Kavo, Denstply & Bien Air Coupling
  • Highly accessable head angle
  • Easy grip body shape
  • 94° Head angle
  • Titanium body with DURAGRIP coating
  • Push button Chuck
  • Quattro water spray
  • Microfilter
  • Clean head system

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