TKD Vortice (Gyroflex Coupling)

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Pneumatic micromotor with variable speed and direction of rotation by means of a special ring nut.
Overall performance has been improved and torque, now increased to 2.7 Ncm, remains extremely high throughout the speed range.
The micromotor has a non-return device for spray water and can be used with any straight or contra-angle handpiece with internal spray and coupling compliant with ISO 3964.

  • 4 hole midwest connection.
  • N.B Coupling not included
  • It features an E-type fitting and internal spray as standard
  • Speed: 4000 ÷ 20000 rpm
  • Supply pressure: 2.4 ÷ 3.0 bar
  • Max. Consumption: 63 Nl / min
  • Sterilization: In an autoclave at 134 ° C / 2 bar.
  • Compliance: ISO 13294, ISO 3964
  • Weight: 89 g

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