Woodpecker ES5 - Electrical Surgical and Restoration Motor + LED Handpiece

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Woodpecker ES5 – Electrical Surgical Motor with Water & Saline Supply.

+ Includes 1:5 Handpiece with LED Light 

An innovative electrical motor to run a range of handpieces, also designed for surgical use, with it’s own independent water supply and saline line.  

Safer, Sterile surgical procedures such as Periodontal Surgery, Apical Surgery, & Tooth Extraction. 5 Inch touch screen which provides separate screen displays for Surgical and Restorative procedures.

Compatible with various handpieces, with 8 pre-programmed settings for speed ratios:

Surgical Mode (External Saline): 1:1, 1:3, 1:4.2, 1:5

Restorative Mode (Internal Water): 16:1, 1:1, 1:4.2, 1:5

2 Working Modes, 8 Speed Ratios, 6 Pre-set Programs.

Includes a 1000ml (1L) water tank for distilled/treated water or switch to a saline supply with sterilizable irrigation tubes. Two external irrigation lines are available, Autoclavable or Single-Use for ultimate infection control and a safe cooling supply of saline for better postoperative recovery.

Electronically driven handpieces prevent any air leakage at the handpiece head to avoid post-operative complications and air embolism. Provides a 50% reduction in aerosols compared to those produced with Air turbine treatments. For a safer operating environment.

 More precise and efficient cutting – The ES5 provides up to 97.4% higher cutting efficiency compared to a regular turbine. Enables smooth surface cutting without scratching and pits.

Adjustable speed, and lower heat generation for a more stable operating system. Produces lower risk of tool breakage and provides uninterrupted cutting.

For a stable and reliable experience, a brushless motor with lower vibration, lower heat, and lower noise.

External saline irrigation with Surgical mode for crown work, sectioning, sterile rinsing and many surgical applications.

Internal water supply for a cooling effect during trimming, prep work, caries removal, polishing, and minimally invasive oral work/extractions.

  • Glass 5” Touch Screen for easy decontamination cleaning.
  • Detachable, Autoclavable Motor Connection.
  • One-touch control with auto-save for parameter settings.
  • Wide range of handpiece functions, including 16:1, 1:1, 1:3, 1:4.2, & 1:5
  • Highly efficient performance with both High and Low speeds.
  • Adjustable water flow.
  • Active, internal cooling system.
  • Multifunctional foot pedal with IPX6 moisture protection.
  • 3.5Ncm Brushless Motor.
  • Compact, Low Noise unit.
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Kit Includes: 

  • Main Unit x 1 
  • LED 1:5 Speed Increasing Handpiece x 1 
  • Handpiece Cradle x 1 
  • LED Motor Attachment x 1 
  • Motor Sterilization Caps x 2 
  • Power Lead x 1 
  • 1000ml Water Tank x 1 
  • Re-usable Irrigation Tubing x 3 
  • Disposable Irrigation Tubing x 4 
  • Saline Hook x 1 
  • Waterline Clamp x 10 
  • Foot Pedal x 1 
  • Pedal Hook x 1 
  • Spare Fuse x 2 
  • Spare O-Rings x 9 
  • User Manual x 1 
  • Packing List x 1 
  • Certification x 1 

Includes lockable storage case. 

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