Traus Giving Set for the SIP10 or X-Cube Implant Systems - 10 Pack

TrausSKU: SAE/32.F0147
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Compatible with: Saeshin X-CUBE, TRAUS SIP10

The giving sets are complete with perforator, roller or clamp for flow control, hose fittings and integrated peristaltic pump section.

Includes the following options: a. Internal mono irrigation b. External mono irrigation c. Internal and external irrigation.

The convenient end cap makes it easier to connect the irrigation line to the handpiece, and allows our infusion tubing with drip adjuster to be connected with all needles for cooling the various handpieces, which are often of different diameters
  • Pack of 10
  • Suitable for the Traus SIP10 and X-Cube implant systems
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Tube material: PVC
  • Pump material: Silicone
  • Components: Plastic

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