Bright Light LC Microhybrid Intro Kit (A2-A3-A3.5-B2)

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Bright Light LC Microhybrid Intro Kit (A2-A3-A3.5-B2) | QUDENT

BRIGHT LIGHT is a versatile light curing composite for both anterior and posterior restorations. Its very good consistency guarantees ease in its application and its high gloss polishability increases the resistance to plaque. High filler loading results in excellent physical properties such as high diametral and flexural strength. Due to its very low water sorption, it exhibits long lasting colour stability while maintaining its physical properties over a long period of time.


  • Anterior and posterior restorations
  • Class I - V restorations
  • Direct veneers


  • Great handling characteristics
  • Very good marginal adaptation
  • Very high fracture toughness
  • High resistance to wear
  • High polishability due to fine particles
  • High aesthetic result-chameleon effect
  • Strongly radiopaque
  • Non-sticky

Technical Data:

  • Filled by weight (%): 81
  • Average filler particle size (μm): 9
  • Flexural Strength (MPa): 130
  • Diametral tensile strength (MPa): 55
  • Water sorption (μg/mm3): 9.5

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