Compo B Plus 7th Generation (All in one) Self etch one step adhesive bond 5ml

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Compo B Plus 7th Generation (All in one) Self Etch One Step Adhesive Bond 5ml | QUDENT


  • Direct-placed light-curing composite and compomer restorations
  • Repair of fractured composite and compomer restorations
  • Sealing of prepared tooth surfaces before temporary/permanent
  • Cementation of indirect restorations
  • Desensitization of hypersensitive cervical areas


  • Mild acidity so leaves denting tubuli closed to eliminate postoperative sensitivity
  • Minimal technique sensitivity and is indicated for light-cure composites, root surface treatment and cavity sealing
  • No mixing, etching, priming and bonding are captured in one material
  • Highest bonding strength for both dentin and enamel for seventh-generation
  • Contains two functional monomers to form a better double chemical adhesion
  • MDP monomer optimizes self-etch performance, increases shelf stability and provides durability of adhesion
  • 4-META monomer enhances dentin bond strength


  • CE certified

Packaging includes the following:

  • 1 x 5ml Dropper bottle
  • 50 x Bonding applicators
  • 25 x Double adhesive platforms

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