Denlux DP2000 Pulptester with Ground Lead

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Denlux DP2000 Pulptester with Ground Lead

A cordless battery operated pulptester with digital readout. The unit starts by sending low current pulses through the tooth with automatically increasing amplitude. The strength of the pulse is simultaneously indicated by a flashing LED.  
  • A ground lead is available for use with gloved hands.
  • Electrodes and rubber tips shall be sterilized prior to use. Electrodes and conductive rubber tips can be steam autoclaved 134 degree C for 5 minutes. Rubber tips will withstand 3-5 times autoclaving after which they shall disposed of.
  • The Pulppen works fine without the tips, they are for the comfort of the patient. 
  • If wearing latex examination gloves, an electrical circuit must be established between the patient and the Pulppen. This can be done by using the Contact Kit one end, a handle, is given to the patient to hold; the other, a metal ring, is fixed to the metal body of the Pulppen. When using the Contact Kit, always moisten the examination gloves!



  • Conductive rubber tip
  • Straight electrode
  • Angled electrode
  • Front cover
  • O-ring
  • LCD-display
  • Output current: 0-250 micro ampere
  • Driving voltage: 270 Volt
  • Pulse frequency: 6Hz
  • Pulse shape: 10 milli second
  • Pulse polarity: Negative

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