Tealth 2 to 4 and 4 to 2 Connector/ Adapter for High and Low Speed Dental Handpiece

TealthSKU: TEA134
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Style: 2 to 4 Hole Adapter
£12.95 ex. VAT (£15.54 inc. VAT)


  • Easy to Operate:
  • Simplifies the process of changing 4/2 holes dental handpieces on a 2/4 holes connector, making it user-friendly.
  • Standard Size, Fit for All Brands:
  • Designed with a standard size to ensure compatibility with various dental handpiece brands, providing versatility.
  • 2 Holes Dental Handpieces Change into 4 Holes:
  • Allows the adaptation of 2 holes dental handpieces to a 4 holes connector, expanding the range of compatible equipment.
  • 4 Holes Dental Handpieces Change into 2 Holes:
  • Facilitates the transformation of 4 holes dental handpieces to a 2 holes connector, enhancing flexibility in equipment usage.
  • Dental Handpiece Adaptor:
  • Described as a high-quality dental part, emphasizing its importance in dental handpiece functionality.
  • Quick-Change Handpiece Tubing Adapter:
  • Enables a quick and easy transformation between 4-hole and 2-hole quick connectors, providing convenience for dentists
  • Excellent Comfort Design:
  • Features an excellent comfort design, emphasizing ease of use, cleaning, and maintenance for dental professionals.
  • Stainless Steel Borden Straight Dental Handpiece Nut:
  • The use of stainless steel in the construction of the Borden straight dental handpiece nut enhances durability and longevity.
  • High-Speed Handpiece:
  • Mentioned in relation to the connector adapter, indicating compatibility with both high-speed and low-speed dental handpieces.

    Maintenance Instructions:

    For Low & High-Speed Dental Handpieces:

    • After Each Treatment:

    Sterilize the handpiece in an autoclave following specified steps.

    • Cleaning

    Remove the bur and brush clean the handpiece. Clean the exterior of the handpiece with an alcohol solution.

    • Lubrication:

    Lubricate the handpiece by adding two drops inside the air inlet pipe after each use.

    • Autoclaving

    Place the handpiece into an autoclaving pouch, mark it accordingly, and autoclave for 12 minutes at 135℃.

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