Woodpecker AP-A Air Flow Air Polisher

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Woodpecker AP-A Air Polisher

The Woodpecker AP-A offers more efficient air polishing.  With optimised piping structure and detachable, 3 part handpieces to reduce powder clogging. The AP-A has an advanced, aerodynamic design to reduce fluid pressure loss, and a nozzle shape to concentrate powder output. All providing more effective and accurate plaque & stain removal.

Includes 2 Handpieces: 1  x AP-2 Subgingival Handpiece + 1 x AP-1 Supragingival Handpiece 

  • User friendly touch control 
  • Small-caliber nozzle for concentrated output.
  • Portable design.
  • Fully transparent Funnel shaped powder tank for stable powder output.
  • 360° Rotation nozzle for easy maneuverability .
  • Three-directional powder output for thorough plaque removal.
  • Autoclavable and removable handpiece.
  • Ergonomic handpiece for reduced hand fatigue.
  • Fully customizable water output & power.
  • Suitable for use with Sodium bicarbonate, Glycine, Calcium carbonate, & Aluminum Hydroxide.

Kit Includes: 

  • Foot Pedal x 1
  • Power Lead x 1
  • Subgingival Air Polisher Handpiece (AP-2)  x 1
  • Supragingival Air Polisher Handpiece (AP-1) x 1
  • Subgingival Powder Tank x 1
  • Supragingival Powder Tank x 1
  • Nozzle Wrench x 1
  • Subgingival Nozzles x 10
  • 1400 ml Water Bottle x 1
  • Sterilization Box x 2
  • Needles (Long & Short) x 1 Kit
  • 700ml Conical Water Bottle x 1
  • Male & Female Connectors x 1 Pair
  • Union Tee x 1
  • Air Pipe connector x 1

Operation and working of AP-A/B

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