DTE Woodpecker AP-B -2 In 1 -Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher

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DTE Woodpecker AP-B -Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher 2 In 1 | QUDENT

The complete solution for a perfect prophylaxis.
Automatic selection of mode based on the handpiece

ULTRASONIC SCALER: Piezoelectric ultrasound designed for prophylaxis, periodontics and endodontics treatments

·         Subgingival cleaning

·         Supragingival cleaning

·         Damage reconstruction 

·         Implant maintenance 

·         Root canal therapy

Fully autoclavable and detachable Handpiece: Easy to use controls with its three programs (prophylaxis, periodontics and endodontics)


·         Compatible with EMS (hose connection and threaded tips), with LED light

·         Adjustable working frequency up to 35,000 Hz

·         Working range of motion: 90μm

·         3 programs: Cleaning, periodontics and endodontics

·         HW-5L detachable and autoclavable handpiece

·         Water supply: autonomous

·         Includes: 6 tips and self-limiting key

AEROPULPER: Powerful and versatile 2 in 1 aeropulper: Supragingival and Subgingival function.

New aerodynamic design optimized to avoid pressure losses, achieving a greater capacity to remove plaque and pigmentation with minimal clogging.

Handpiece with innovative design:

·         Lighter to reduce work fatigue.

·         With a smaller tip for better visibility and more precise prophylaxis.

·         Separable into three parts, facilitating better maintenance.

·         360º Rotation.

·         Subgingival tip:

o    Made of medical polymers.

o    360º rotation.

o    Flexible.

o    Dust outlet in three directions and water outlet in one direction.

o    In-depth plaque removal.

o    Great accessibility.


·         Completely transparent bottle and funnel

·         Inlet air pressure: 5,5 – 7,5 bar.

·         Designed for use with Bicarbonate* and Glycine** powders(recommended sizes *65 μm. and **25 μm. respectively).

·         Comes with Total of 3 handpieces 

·         2 handpieces for polishing:

o    Supragingival treatment handpiece 

o    Supragingival treatment handpiece 

o    Lightweight and compact desktop unit: 2,0 kg / 27 x 17 x 9 cm

o    Warranty: (12 months for the handpiece).

Packaging includes the following: 

·         1 x Main unit 

·         1 x Foot pedal 

·         1 x Power adapter (power cord included)

·         1 x Ultrasonic handpiece (HW-5L)

·         1 x Supragingival air polishing handpiece (AP-1)

·         1 x Subgingival air polishing handpiece (AP-2)   

·         2 x Tips:P1

·         1 x Tips:P3

·         1 x Tips:P8

·         1 x Tips:G1

·         1 x Tips:G4

·         1 x Torque wrench   

·         1 x Supragingival powder tank

·         1 x Subgingival powder tank   

·         1 x Air pipe connector   

·         1 x 65μm Supragingival sodium bicarbonate powder   

·         1 x 25μm Subgingival glycine powder   

·         1 x Subgingival nozzle   

·         1 x Nozzle wrench   

·         2 x Sterilization box   

·         1 x 1400mL Water bottle   

·         1 x 700mL Conical water bottle   

·         1 x Needles (Long & Short)

·         1 x Union tee   

·         1 x Male and female connectors   


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