MyRay Hyperion X9 "3D Ready" Light

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MyRay Hyperion X9 "3D Ready" Light

The Hyperion X9 series can accommodate a teleradiography arm the perform super-fast scans of variable field of view.

Furthermore it is already designed to accommodate the 3D panel for full arch volume reconstructions at high resolution.

This is the PAN version. The advanced kinematics and the dedicated 2D detector make it possible to obtain an exceptional HD panoramic imaging and a broad spectrum of analyses, such as orthogonal projections of the dentition, Bitewing X-rays, multi-angle views of the temporomandibular joints and a study of the maxillary sinuses. Automatic selection between the 2D and the 3D detectors.
  • Automatic determination of exposure factors
  • Servo--controlled patient positioning
  • Innovative and versatile patient positioning system
  • Fast scan
  • Dentist in front of the patient
  • Positioning is facilitated by laser traces
  • Direct connection to the local ethernet
  • 39 different diagnostic programs
  • Interface for control and acquisition thanks to iPad APP


• Minimum required operation footprint: L1310 x P1520 mm

• Packed dimensions H1515 x L1750 x P670 mm (crate)

• 2 speed motorized column, adjustable height: 1610 - 2400 mm

• Weight: 170 Kg – 375 lbs



• Minimum required operation footprint: L1830 x P1520 mm

• Packed dimensions 822 x 1430 x 580 mm (box)

• 2 speed motorized column, adjustable height: 1610 - 2400 mm

• Weight: 190 Kg – 419 lbs


Wall or floor support, free standing base available.

Accessible for patients on wheelchair.


• Voltage | Frequency 115 - 240 Vac, ± 10% single phase | 50 / 60 Hz ± 2 Hz

• Maximum current temporary peak absorption: 15A a 115V, 7A a 240V

• Current absorption in standby mode maximum 1A

• Connections: LAN / Ethernet

• Software: MyRay iRys

• Supported protocols: DICOM 3.0, TWAIN, VDDS

• DICOM nodes: IHE certification (Print; Storage Commitment; WorkList MPPS; Query Retrieve)

• 2 year warranty

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