Woodpecker PT - A Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher

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Woodpecker PT - A, is an advanced Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polisher: a single solution for polishing, perio prevention and maintenance, the device is characterized by unique ergonomics, high precision, trouble-free maintenance and compliance with the highest hygiene standards and from start to the finish it has been designed for maximum performance and minimal discomfort for both the professional and the patient.
  • Single Solution - Air polishing+ Ultrasonic periodontal treatment + Endodontic treatment + Implant maintenance with single equipment .
  • Precision Spray - Highly precise and easily manoeuvrable nozzle for more concentrated air polishing, making it highly efficient at powder usage and performance.
  • Intelligent Design - Automatic Identification of Scaling mode between Scaling and Polishing mode ,making it easy to use .
  • Self-contained scaler - Dual Water supply from a water bottle with no need for external water supply .
  • Pain Mitigation Technology - Automatic frequency tracking system searches for the best working frequency enabling dynamic response for minimal invasiveness .
  • Ergonomic handpiece - Sleek and optimized handpieces for greater dexterity and reduced hand-fatigue and the removable handpiece makes it fully autoclavable .
  • Titanium Alloy Tips - Minimal invasiveness ,maximum patient comfort
  • Effective -Constant power output and more comfortable scaling to remove stains and biofilms .
  • Comfort factor - No heating in handpiece for greater patient comfort  .
  • Heating System - For a warm and comfortable treatment making it possible to treat a varied spectrum of patients .
  • Trusted quality - CE Certified with 24 months warranty for unit & 12 months warranty for handpieces .
  • Woodpecker polishing powder available - £59.90 for pack of 4 bottles
  • Call now for 14 days free trial 

Accessories Include:

2 x ultrasonic handpieces
2 x air polishing handpieces
2 x torque wrenches
3 x sterilizing box
2 x water bottles
1 x multi-functional foot pedal
2 x woodpecker powders
2 x powder tanks
2 x water and air tubing
2 x needles
1 x Power adapter
2 x endo irrigation tips (E60)
Implant maintenance tips:
1 x P94
1 x P95
Titanium alloy tips:
  2x P33
  2x P56
  2x P59
  2x P50L
  2x P50R

Please follow the below links for video tutorials and more information about the product:

PT-A Clinical Practice - Sleeping Scaling Procedures

Dental Scaler and Air Polisher - Maintenance

Dental Scaler and Air Polisher - Installation

PT-A - Simulated Scaling on Quail Egg

PT-A handpiece

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