TKD Airson Scaler

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Airson coupling: Airson Quick connect gyroflex
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Pneumatic scaler. The tool allows the removal of tartar in a simple and fast way. The scaler can be used for all prophylaxis procedures using the TKD inserts or the special KaVo / Komet inserts.
The instrument can be mounted on any dental unit in place of the turbine without the need for any additional adjustment.
The power of the vibrations can be adjusted at will by means of the special ring, now wider and more precise, making the prophylaxis more accurate and flexible.
The scaler comes with three different inserts.

Available versions:

  • Gyroflex connection, DYNO wrench + 3 inserts included
  • 4-hole connection, DYNO wrench + 3 inserts included 
  • Supply pressure: 2.4 ÷ 3.0 bar
  • Max. Consumption: 22 Nl / min
  • Sterilization: In an autoclave at 134 ° C / 2 bar.
  • Compliance: ISO 15606
  • Weight: 65 g
  • Frequency: 6000 ÷ 7000 Hz

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