TKD LC2 Electronic Power Supply

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TKD LC2 Electronic Power Supply | QUDENT

Universal power supply for two lamps for fibre-optic instruments. The lamps can be activated by external electric switches. Input voltage has a wide range and can be either alternative or direct, whereas output current is direct. Lamp turn-off time can be delayed after its switch opening.


  • Powers two lamps for fiber-optic instruments
  • Activated by external electric switches
  • Input voltage has a Wide range: accepts both alternating current and direct current
  • Output voltage has a range that accepts direct current
  • Lamp turn-off time can be delayed after its switch opening

Technical Specifications:

  • Compliance: CEl EN 60601-1, CEl EN 60601-1-2
  • Weight: 40g
  • Supply Voltage: 14 ÷ 26 Vac

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